Visit of Aurélien Lacoste

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Aurélien is a biologist teacher at the University of Tours. He studies geosciences and environmental science.

His presentation dealt with fossil fuels from their origins to their extraction and their exploitation. He made us aware of the impact of coal mining and oil digging on the environment.


Bituminous sands, Alberta, Canada


He reminded us of the share of responsibility of fossil fuel consumption on greenhouse gas emission and global warming.

His slideshow included pictures of countries he had travelled through, where plastic pollution was tremendous and where their inhabitants were still unaware of its consequences.



A street in Lima, Peru



We know the impact of plastic pollution on our environment and the danger for our health and that of the future generations. That’s why we have to protect our environment.

Besides, the resources of oil are diminishing and with the current pace of consumption, there will be no more crude oil in about fifty years. As a consequence, it is high time some solutions were found to replace oil in plastic products and as a source of energy.

Then Aurélien was explained the activities carried out by the members of the scientific workshop. He was very interested in the studies and the work we had performed to protect our environment.

We will be very happy to welcome him again by the end of the school year.