Meeting my Flipgrid pen pal

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photo Anna Deroua
Morgan and I met last year because of a penal project organized by her French teacher Mrs. Ronquilo and my English teacher Mrs.Pozzoli. Our teachers paired us together to make and send Flipgrid videos to each other.
One day Morgan reached out to me saying she was going to France for summer break to visit a friend and asked if there were any possibilities for us to meet in person. I talked to my parents about it and we started thinking about how we could manage to see each other.
I then asked for Morgan’s parents email address and my parents and I started emailing them. We finally found a way for her to come to Tours. So in July she took the plane with her dad to France and after having to change plane in London and eleven hours of plane, they arrived in France on Sunday around 6 pm. Once we got home, she got her suit case upstairs and we sat in my room and talked about differences between the United States and France. Then we ate outside, did you know that in Texas the weather is too hot and wet to eat outside so they never do?
Then at night we headed to the lake to go to the little firework my village was organizing. The next day was pretty short because we slept in and let Morgan and her dad sleep, because the day before we had got to bed late at night and because of the jet lag… But it didn’t stop us from doing a lot. In the afternoon, we visited Amboise and the Chenonceaux Castle and in the evening we visited Tours where we went to a restaurant. We finished the day by watching the fireworks on the Wilson Bridge.
Sunday came, the last day I spent with Morgan and her father. In the morning we went back to Tours where we went to Carrefour to shop some French candy and specialities. They were surprised by how many things there are in a Carrefour. The fact there is almost everything in one place. I mean there’s a little library, the media aisle, clothes, food, fish shop, butcher, bakery… Honestly I thought they had places like this, but apparently not.
Then we headed to the center of Tours to buy macarons but unfortunately it was Sunday and everything was closed. Around mid time we had to go to the train station where they took their train. My mom joined us there so we could say goodbye. They got in the train. And soon after the train left Tours to Paris.
Morgan and I are still staying in contact and we hope we can see each other next summer again.