How to adapt the solar cooker to the distillation of essential oils?

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In Morocco, or in other developing countries, numerous farmers cultivate plants for their essential oil, however for lack of ways, they cannot buy the material necessary for the distillation to produce oil and have to pass by companies which distil in their place, which reduces their thin margins. We thus looked for a way of distilling which requires few resources at the request of the association DARNGH. Yet to distil, it is necessary to boil some water, and to use some wood to warm it would be a very bad idea for the environment. We thus turned to the solar oven. However the sun being not with us this winter, all the measures requiring solar furnaces were taken in Marrakesh.We left with another group which studies only the functioning of the solar oven with whom we had to share three ovens.



Our product does not have anything to see with that of the laboratory, and it was necessary to carry out a research work of materials and understanding of the plant itself. Our results proved that to obtain some essential oil of lavender from the solar furnace is completely possible. We also notice that in France, our assembly is valid only in summer, because in winter the period of sunshine is too low. A solution to distil throughout the year would be to use a solar satellite dish, known to reach powers superior to those of the solar furnace.